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Right to be Handsome, Kindergarten Sex Ed, RIP “The Bro”

Man banned from Naked Bike Ride for being unable to contain his excitement. Americans are more accepting of marriage equality than gay public affection. Video series: people who just had sex. Study finds books by, about women less likely to win prizes.

never too lateTwitter bot autocorrects people who misgender Caitlyn Jenner, Jessica Lange enjoys comparisons to looking like her. Worst states in the nation for trans rights. The right to be handsome: gender and fashion evolve.

The next DTF is at Franky Bradley’s June 12th! Take my Intro to Burlesque Class June 13th!

What does sex ed for kindergarteners look like in the Netherlands? Tuesday was International Sex Workers Day!

The newly discovered marsupial that will literally have sex until it disintegrates. RIP “the bro” as an ideal of masculinity.

Hat tip to Mo, Joshua, Mel, Matt!

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