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Talking Sex Dolls, Aussie Brothel Freebies, Sleep is a Feminist Issue

Sex dolls that blink and talk are not not the most horrifying thing ever. The sex party that’s a game changer for people with disabilities. Man with world’s first penis transplant is expecting a child. Questions about building up a poly relationship. Does your favorite position say something about you? Women trained in self-defense are less likely to be raped. What Game of Thrones says about our shaming culture.

gender is validHow an Austrian brothel is protesting punitive taxes. European sex workers: unite! Are you obligated to get it on while in a relationship? The health benefits of cuddling. Sleep is a feminist issue. Muslim women design culturally appropriate basketball uniforms. Most inspiring women in endurance sports.

Courtney Trouble’s latest lesbian porn is all transwomen. New shelter in DC for homeless trans youth. 7 year old trans girl meets Laverne Cox, adorable ensues. Photo essay of Philly Pride. How to come out as a gay or lesbian teen. With little fanfare, Mexico slowly legalizing same-sex marriage.

Misogynoiristic Expectancy: social media popularity and the blacke femme. “Men are never going to take you seriously.” The role of kissing in choosing a mate. Scientists discover genetic switch for egg and sperm. 100 years of birth control. Woman fired from Waffle House for being pregnant.

Crusade to start the small penis acceptance movement. Queer poly canon for Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Is Apple’s new sex tracking app killing real life romance? Calling out body shaming bullshit in the fitness world. Women and sex after 50: the truth.

Hat tip to Melanie, Griff!

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