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Louis CK Isn’t a Feminist, Male Survivors, Summer Dress Codes

New research confirms 1 in 5 women assaulted on campus, despite right wing denials. Science also confirms children raised in same-sex parent households are just fine. Sex, gender and identity in the digital age.

kimchiSpoiler alert: Bryce Dallas Howard’s shoes in Jurassic World are not a good metaphor for feminine strength. Iowa man shoots women for reporting him for sexual harassment. Mad Max: Fury Road makes your rape arguments invalid. “Why I’m no longer comfortable calling Louis CK a feminist.”

The science behind sexual orientation. Male survivors often fear they won’t be taken seriously. Why is it so hard to be a “good man?” “Daddy issues” are a sexist construct.

A message to teen girls about summer dress codes. Smoke alarm at porn convention leads to excitement. “My boyfriend’s a squirter.” Myths about body dysphoria in trans folks.

Hat tip to Nikki, Melanie, Bianca, Jeff!

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