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Gay Pizza Shuts Down, Queer Power Couples, New Guybrator

Watch a world map shift over time on marriage equality. What’s next for gay rights? 10 more issues for the LGBT rights movement. What did equality proponents lose by having SCOTUS decide? Clarence Thomas is an asshat. What’s the real reason for the big victory for marriage equality? #BlackOutPride disrupts parade, gets arrested. CNN thinks dildo flag is ISIS symbol at pride rally. Gay Pizza shuts down in Philly. Philly AIDS Thrift to offer in-store HIV testing.

self doubtMalaysian gymnast wins big, asshats at home focus on her leotard. Boxing, rapping, badass Afghan women. Erotic party planning for the disabled. Using white female sexuality to justify racist violence.

The next DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour is July 10th at 8:30 at our new home, Franky Bradley’s- this month’s guests include comedian David James and G Philly’s Bryan Buttler.

What’s the right amount of sex? Phone sex operators dish on their most intriguing calls. Former porn star Bree Olson on why women shouldn’t do porn. Should seminarians study sexuality? Do you know these surprising facts about male sexuality? Google is helping get rid of revenge porn.

Bey and Jay Z are no longer the highest paid celeb couple. Queer power couples. It’s time to talk about menstruation. Girls with working moms have better outcomes. Check out the new vibrator for men!

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