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Apollo: Male Stripper. True Tales from a Real Life Magic Mike

Apollo, in his HEY!day

Hey kittens, it’s Throwback Thursday and the Magic Mike sequel just opened in theaters. In honor, here’s a podcast that originally went up in 2012.

How did you pay your bills from 1997 to 2008? Well, Apollo did it by working as a stripper…. full monty stripping at that.  As you can well imagine, he has lots of stories to tell about the industry, how it differs from female stripping, how his career affected his personal life and the best songs to play when you’re taking off every last one of your clothes for a roomful of screaming ladies.

Truly one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve conducted, this one is not to be missed.

Listen to it here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and get all the podcasts right away.

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