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Fatal Fashion, Philadelphia’s Red Light, Consent

Beautiful bras for breast cancer survivors. History’s most dangerous and fatal fashion trends. HIV prevented in monkeys in drug trial. Tracy Clark Flory’s best sex stories. CO’s anti-teen pregnancy initiative is a startling success. Oh good, Michael Eisney is a sexist douchebag. We don’t know how to talk about childhood assault in Pennsyltucky. The Red Light district of NoLibs.

july 10thDoes Asia see same-sex marriage as “decadent?” Entire county clerk’s office resigns over marriage equality ruling. Where do the world’s major religions stand on marriage equality? Latino LGBT movies you can stream on Netflix.

The next DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour is July 10th at 8:30 at our new home, Franky Bradley’s- this month’s guests include comedian David James and G Philly’s Bryan Buttler.

How testosterone affects traders’ judgements and international markets. Man sues after being denied job for admitting to paying for sex. Hasidic pilgrims and Ukranian sex workers. How do we consent?

Hat tip to Lisa, Ilyssa!

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