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Sins Invalid: What Bodies Are Allowed to be Sexual?

Hey kittens, it’s #ThrowbackThursday and time for a vintage episode of the podcast. This originally went up in March of 2012.

To hear it told by a lot of society, being sexy and sexual requires a LOT. You need to be old enough but not too old, aroused but not too easily aroused, etc…..and, of course: smoking hot. Whether or not most of us fit the criteria is debatable. Whether disabled people fit this criteria is rarely even considered.

Enter Sins Invalid, a performance art group and artistic/ educational collective in the San Francisco Bay area that has blown the lid off that trope.

Their group “incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and queer and gender-variant artists as communities who have been historically marginalized. Our performance work explores the themes of sexuality, embodiment and the disabled body. Conceived and led by disabled people of color, we develop and present cutting-edge work where normative paradigms of “normal” and “sexy” are challenged, offering instead a vision of beauty and sexuality inclusive of all individuals and communities.”

So I chatted with director Patty Berne and co-founder/ performer Leroy Moore, Jr. about their mission, their performances, and their upcoming film! It was a fantastic, enriching and invigorating experience to talk to them and I suspect you’ll find it as life-affirming and inspiring as I did!

Listen to it here or on iTunesPodbay, or Feedburner, where you can subscribe and get all the episodes even sooner!

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