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Poly Role Models, Gal Pals, Sexy Vet Photos

Tumblr to check out: Poly Role Models. Anti-trans discrimination still an issue in most states. Pharmacies can’t use religious beliefs to deny access to birth control. Graphs that might change your mind about legalizing sex work. Michael Stokes’ incredibly sexy photos shatter stereotypes about vets. Bride who was paralyzed at bachelorette party does lingerie shoot.

high heelsDTF is back with Philly’s Phunniest winner Matt McCusker and Talk Like a Man’s Alex Bove Aug 14th at Franky Bradleys! Check out an amazing drag/burlesque show that benefits a good friend’s cancer treatments on Aug 9th. Every Monday, check out 6 Appeal, Philly’s only weekly burlesque show at the gorgeous Pennsylvania 6. Sleepover: Big Lebowski to showcase the PinkBox first location!

Is it ethical to choose a baby’s sex? The cleansing nature of getting it on. Best gal pals in TV history. Michael B Jordan and Kate Mara field sexist and racist questions like pros. Less than 1% of women regret their abortions. Sexual harassment at 35,000 feet.

Hat tip to Chris, Cassy!

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