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Large Labia, Foot Orgasms, & Healthy Hookups

Tindr isn’t just about sex. The radical body loving act of sewing your own clothes. These five people are about to have a baby together. Virginia Wesleyan College asks rape victim for entire sexual history to assess her credibility. A Masters’ degree in masculinity? The emerging fetish of laying alien eggs inside yourself.

AUGUST FLYERAustralian doctors come up with new guidelines for women seeking cosmetic genital surgery. The Large Labia Project raises awareness of genital diversity. Stop stealing from strippers. Orgasms caused by foot stimulation.

Have an idea to present at the first ever Sexual State of Philly event? Every Monday, check out 6 Appeal, Philly’s only weekly burlesque show at the gorgeous Pennsylvania 6. Sleepover: Big Lebowski to showcase the PinkBox first location!

6 rules to a healthy hookup. 8 ways to be downgraded from dating material to hookup. Ways you might be passive aggressively sending mixed messages. Is the world ready for sex 3.0? ISIS enshrines theology of rape. Sexual violence costs our economy more than any other crime. Parenting might be one of the worst things that can happen to you.

Hat tip to Melanie, Tara, Missi!

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