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Strip Club Etiquette, Unknowingly Bad in Bed, & Big Business of Female Arousal

The couple that did a newborn-style photo shoot with their dog to stop people from asking when they were having a baby. Italian sex workers forced to wear high visibility jackets on roadways. Ghanian woman denied asylum in Israel for being a lesbian.  Steve Harvey’s idiot sexist minions prove to be douchebags. Strip club etiquette. Signs you’re bad in bed and don’t even know it.

tailOf course Anna Duggar blames herself for her hypocritical, cheating, rapist, bigot husband’s infidelity.  Dan Savage: people deserve privacy online but Josh Duggar is a legit target for outing. Like facebook, but for incest. Teacher fired for side career in burlesque.

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Why are women more likely to ask for divorce? She had the time of her life on a Tindr date until… The big business of female arousal. “one of my Instagram followers is a prude. The futility of Tindr, turned into an 8 bit game. Porn star Lisa Anne to lead first live virtual gang bang. Nicki Minaj’s problematic wax statue. The benefits of spending time alone.

Hat tip to Cherise, Micah, Molly!

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