What Curvy Looks Like, Economics of Anal Sex, & Rebuildable Sex Toys!

MLB adopts new domestic violence policy. Old lady shuts down slut shaming on the Tube. All media is sexist, admit it and we can make it better. Amazing photo series on women, eating, bodies and sex. This is what curvy actually looks like. Today in unnecessary censorship and sexist double standards. The economics of anal sex. Surprising history of the blowjob in America. Man’s 8” bionic penis replaces the one he lost as a child.

makes me mattelCome to a FREE LIVE episode of Sex with Timaree  September 5th at the Philly Podcast Festival. The next DTF is September 11th and features cohost R Eric Thomas and guests Ashley Coleman and Sidney Gantt. Every Monday, check out 6 Appeal, Philly’s only weekly burlesque show at the gorgeous Pennsylvania 6.

How Ashley Madison says they kept sex workers off the site. Man Cunt: intimate portraits of a trans man. Dealing with rejection without turning to misogyny. When doctors violate unconscious patients. Sex robots: medical opportunity or threat? Ohio bill to ban abortion if Down Syndrome is the reason. Who is really hurt by the Ashley Madison hack? Lucrative rentboy.com escort site raided by feds. Owen Labrie trial shows everything that’s wrong with rape culture.  Crust Punk Porn is as grimy as you think it is.

Will splitting child care duties amp up your sex life? Jealousy and compersion in multiple-partner relationships. Christian students at Duke refuse to read Fun Home because they’re idiots. Actresses and sex workers aren’t so different. Zen master on the art of learning how to love. Being a Daddy or Little isn’t about kids. Beautiful photos of fat couples. Awesome re-buildable new sex toy! Jeb Bush doesn’t think gynecological care is health care.

Hat tip to Melanie, Phil, Heather, Tara!

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