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Self Love, Golden Girls’ Promiscuity and Being a Better Sub

Exes get to ask each other intense questions and it gets real. The fashion trend that killed 3000 women. What NOT to wear after 50: the definitive guide. Forbidden from riding bikes, these badass women in Afghanistan take to skateboards. The year of self love. Plus size women using exercise as activism and it’s glorious. How to reassure your partner when they hate their body.

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Somebody calculated how many men the Golden Girls banged. Kim Davis is the perfect exemplar of Christian hypocrisy on gay rights. Wanna be a better sub? There’s a class for that. Things the government should defund instead of Planned Parenthood. Working as a stripper in a North Dakota fracking boomtown. If Philly neighborhoods were people, which would you date?

Get yourself a unicorn-covered Trample the Patriarchy shirt. Indian sisters ordered to be raped beg international community for help. Dateonomics: Mormon breast implants and Jewish dowries. We need to talk about miscarriage.

Hat tip to Anne, Tiffany, Bee!

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