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Sex & Celebs Don’t Sell, OKCupid Ranks Colleges, & Polyamory in Philly

Meet James Darling, the trans porn star changing the industry. Will gender neutral bathrooms be legally required in Philly? Ohio church sues strip club for topless protests, continues to think freedom of religion means forcing others to follow your religion. Hackers have cracked more than 11 million Ashley Madison passwords. States that fought marriage equality now owe millions in legal fees.

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Michigan lawmakers embroiled in sex scandal. Drunk woman sexually assaults man in public parking lot, media doesn’t recognize it as assault. Sex and celebrities don’t actually sell. OKCupid ranks colleges on sex drive and attractiveness. Shelter says they would rather close than make room for convicted sex offenders.

How to encourage enthusiasm in your partner. One man’s take on the 12 stages of recently married sex. Use more lube!! Things you realize when you stop having sex for awhile. What happens when you want it more than your man?

As Pope’s US visit looms, abuse victims voice concerns. 33 things you probably didn’t know about Tinder. Sad truths about women in media. What does polyamory really look like in Philly? The queer masculinity of stealth games. What’s your hair secret? Feminism.

Hat tip to Micah, Tiffany, Nate!

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