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Bisexuality Myths, Lost Art of the Manly Cry, & Refusing to Date Virgins

Myths about sex positive feminists. Myths about bisexuality. Man is banned from any place with a slide after being caught having sex with one… again. Whatever happened to the noble art the manly cry? A scientist’s response to “we needed research to tell us this?” Party City bans woman from Facebook page for critiquing sexist costumes. Important things to know about dating someone with borderline personality disorder.

march to end rape cultureThe next DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour is Oct 9 and features comedian Steve Gerben and Queer Latino Manny Felipe Vazquez! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member! Check out this Intro to Burlesque Workshop Oct 25th! Every Monday, check out 6 Appeal, Philly’s only weekly burlesque show at the gorgeous Pennsylvania 6.

“Actually, I LOVE abortion.” More Swedes identify as bi than gay or lesbian. Biggest lies you’ve been told about Planned Parenthood. Moms and daughters talk about how Planned Parenthood made their relationships stronger. Criticizing toxic masculinity is not the same as criticizing men. Why do so many people refuse to date virgins? Movies I loved before developing a feminist consciousness.

Sexuality educators are being censored on social media. Why do sex worker diversion programs fail?  Sex workers sue A&E over reality show. How your attachment style affects your relationship. Are you making love or just having sex? Stunning brides who didn’t wear white. Site to know: the Midwife is In. what happens in a hysterectomy? Getting privacy on your parents’ health insurance.

Hat tip to Thain, Gemini, Micah!

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