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Weed Dick, Danni Daniels, & Terrible Photoshop

The problem of weed dick. It’s not the tech but the marketing that makes dating apps succeed. All the ceilings women keep hitting their heads on. Cheerleading requires skill and is dangerous so why doesn’t it pay? If Cosmo wrote about men the way they write about women. Teens, technology and romantic relationships. Are bisexuals more marginalized than gays and lesbians? Danni Daniels is dominating porn with her giant penis.

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Researchers find evolutionary reason for masturbation. Post-mastectomy tattoos. Having more sex might make your body more receptive to pregnancy. The new $50 IUD that lasts for 3 years. Man has 80 pound mass removed from scrotum. Transman’s year of selfies document testosterone effects. This week in terrible photoshop: Victoria’s Secret deletes entire cheek. RIP Keisha Jenkins: 20th transwoman murdered this year. Is the GOP war on reproductive rights causing a backlash?

Hat tip to Micah, Joseph, Alli!

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One thought on “Weed Dick, Danni Daniels, & Terrible Photoshop

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