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Pinkwashing Police, Orgasm Selfies, & Genderfluid Underwear

Pinkwashing police: for Breast Cancer Awareness local department uses pink cars, handcuffs. Why a group of clergy are blessing an abortion clinic. How to have sex on your deathbed. New way to take orgasm selfies. Sex as national security threat during WWII. Make your sexual experiences about oxytocin for a deeper connection. New line of underwear for genderfluid people. Where do you fall on this new chart of sexuality? Philly police claim Keisha Jenkins’ murder was not a hate crime.

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What is driving the trend of beards? How transmen adjust to their shifting sexuality while on testosterone. The age you get your first period might matter for the rest of your life. Mistakes of white feminism. Great, there’s another way to troll women online. Skinning a Real Doll. Toxic masculinity is tearing us apart, leading to increased violence. Why are so few media outlets covering acts of terrorism against Planned Parenthood?

Gay researcher quits field after study finds DNA link to homosexuality. Why is it still weird for a man to take his wife’s name? sexist wedding traditions and what you can do instead. HD video of your sperm will be possible soon. Myths about erectile dysfunction we need to stop believing. Being trans or queer in #BlackLivesMatter.

Hat tip to Melanie, Cassy, Tammy, Lilith, Joshua, Vanessa, Cynthia, Griff!

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