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Chimeras, Heteroromantic Bisexuals, & Testicle Landscapes

How we sustain privilege through the narrative women deserve to suffer. Brilliant analogies to explain consent. Married lesbians share their proposal stories. What is a heteroromantic bisexual? 10 years worth of the creepy shit one woman was sent online. Man’s unborn twin is the father of his son. Early trains were thought to make uteruses fly out.

nov flyerThe next DTF is November 13th and features Philly’s Phunniest winner Tommy Pope and sexologist Katelyn Regan! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member! Make plans to attend Honeygasm Sunday on November 8th: an epic burlesque show at Franky Bradleys.

Why some people prefer small penises. 21 women talking about their experiences with small penises. Body image gap as it relates to gender. Fat girls deserve intimacy too. Pride in mastectomy scars. Testicle landscape photography. Pricasso: the dude who paints masterpieces with his penis. Dicks in adorable tiny costumes. Ways to love your body when it doesn’t love you back.

The ceremony of bleeding. Menstrual taboos in Nepal confine girls to horrible conditions monthly. NYC subway won’t run ad because it acknowledges existence of periods. Canadian Blood Services sets up “rainbow centers” to take donations from gay men. New underwear campaign to welcome men into body positivity movement. Monkey balls and male overcompensation. Indian village proud after double “honor killings.” Women faculty perform more invisible care work.

Hat tip to Tiff, Darryl, Melanie, Dave!

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