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Men Talking Periods, Your Daughter’s Virginity, & Erectile Dysfunctions

Men talk about periods. When sexual assault is accompanied by arousal. Talking to a terminally ill loved one about their sexual needs. Are bearded men more likely to lie and cheat? Survey of what body parts are off limits to people. The thing about your daughter’s virginity. Student Body President suspended for skirt that’s “too short,” and she hands the school its ass.

sensuous witchThe next DTF is November 13th and features Philly’s Phunniest winner Tommy Pope and sexologist Katelyn Regan! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member! Make plans to attend Honeygasm Sunday on November 8th: an epic burlesque show at Franky Bradleys.

Sex and psychedelics. Why aren’t we talking about young men with erectile dysfunctions? The 109 year old woman who said the key to long life is avoiding men. I was on the OMTimes Radio station, listen to the episode here! Biggest myths about female orgasm: debunked!

Hat tip to Micah, Griff, Joshua, Karen, Melanie!

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