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Colombia’s New Men, Threadbare, & Most People Have Herpes

San Fran dedicates more money to combat HIV. America rebukes Kim Davis. Colombia’s “new men” confront machismo and violence. Threadbare sells clothes without gender categories. A grim breast cancer milestone for Black women. Evolution of the human penis.  Prisoner injects penis with Vaseline with predictably bad results. How puberty changes who we think is attractive. Kesha faces impossible choice of working with alleged abuser or end career. Facts about women’s prisons. Why you need to vote in Philly today!

found in seattleThe next DTF is November 13th and features Philly’s Phunniest winner Tommy Pope and sexologist Katelyn Regan! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member! Make plans to attend Honeygasm Sunday on November 8th: an epic burlesque show at Franky Bradleys.

15 comments poly people are sick of hearing. How does Halloween affect porn searches? Trans women and complicated experiences with Halloween. “To the grown man I dated as a teen: fuck you.” Most of the world has herpes. Will facebook finally update its stupid “real names’ policy? Gay things to do in Philly in November.

These complaints signal the end of a relationship. Why are film roles being rewritten for women? Why is it still legal to take creepshots? Paul Ryan knows he can’t defund Planned Parenthood, will gladly waste time and taxpayer money trying anyway. Examples of human bodies used in advertising.

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