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Bisexual Puns, Losing Your Chill, & Penis Horror Stories

Male athletes being asked the same absurd question female athletes face. The woman who single-handedly broke up a protest against Planned Parenthood. An empathetic app to help report sexual assault. Am I bi just for the puns? Terrifying penis horror stories. First ever plus size designer wins Project Runway. What it’s like dating with ADHD. Is climate change killing our libidos? Great reasons to use lube. Why you should lose your chill. What’s wrong with that study that says all women are bi or gay. Inside the Asian men dating Black women scene.

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Differences in how men and women respond to dating profiles. Woman gives birth an hour after finding out she’s pregnant. Mormons entrench deeper against marriage equality, ironically. Meet chef groupies. A reddit thread in response to one dad’s expectations for his kids’ sex lives. Hating queerness without hating the queer. Dear first generation sex robot. Getting behind America’s anal fetish.

10 most hilariously awkward sex comedies. Double standards in oral sex. Detroit businesswomen team up to get rape kits tested. UPenn won’t rescind Cosby’s honorary doctorate. How companies make women less ambitious over time. Neill Strauss, Tucker Max and the Nice Guy Pivot. In Fallout 4 you can have more than one romantic partner at a time. There once was a dildo in Nantucket. One woman’s experiment to talk to every man who approached her on the street for 2 weeks.

Hat tip to Micah, Neil!

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