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Illuminati Tinder, “Female-Friendly” Restaurants, & the Openly Gay Imam

Facebook unveils new tool to help with breakups. The parasitic worm that helps with fertility. Raya: the Illuminati Tinder. Couples who have sex once a week are happiest. Prompting people with attachment anxiety makes them less likely to use condoms.  Jenny McCarthy thinks she should have been informed about Charlie Sheen’s HIV status. At least 100,000 Texas women have performed their own abortions.

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Anti-discrimination bill to protect trans citizens of Alberta passes. What do “female-friendly” restaurants serve? Sexy male celebs who aren’t white. Marry or not?: Darwin’s list of pros and cons. Homophobic tumblr post turns into dystopian novel. How to make breakfast with your vagina. The women of Hollywood speak out. When congress slut shamed Ingrid Bergman. Your great grandmother’s dirty books.

Can a mono/poly marriage work? Why parents need to talk to their kids about sex. Celebs on their sexual debuts. Adele’s new album’s most heartbreaking lyrics, in order of utter hopelessness. Openly gay Imam starts online school. The thing all women have to do that most men don’t know about.

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