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PornHub Searches, Jessica Jones, & Rethinking Beauty

The implications of same-sex infidelity in hetero relationships. Girls are more interested in certain STEM fields than male cohorts. Top 10 searches on PornHub. When women love sex and other fun facts. Jessica Jones, Game of Thrones and rape on TV. The lesbian storyline cut from Love, Actually. The real moms of Cirque du Soleil. Men tend to eat more in the presence of women.

gobbleRethink what beautiful means. Awesome body positive photo shoots. Tackling negative body image by talking functionality. Students kicked off basketball team for complaining about handsy coach. UFC’s War Machine claims you can’t rape a porn star.

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Wisconsin federal court rules abortion obstacle unconstitutional. Judge explains 3 part anti-choice strategy. Body hair and winter warmth. Nairobi’s Boxgirls combat sexual violence. 11 strongest women of all time. Trans athletes find family in roller derby.

Hat tip to Michael, Darryl, Micah, Brooklyn!

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