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Airbnboning, OKC messages, & LGBT Cops

Virtual reality sex ed can prepare for real life encounters. Dinosaur erotica is a thing. Last call for the Venture Inn. 2 trans actresses vying for Oscars. Is sex all in the brain? What kind of overtures are people getting via online dating? Tips from the most messaged woman on OKCupid. Don’t feel bad about “Bad Sex.” Young Greek girls are selling sex for the price of a sandwich. 40 things to know.  People using Airbnb to get laid.

dec flyerEverything we know about the Colorado clinic shooting. Anti-abortion terrorism must be stopped. “Pro-Lifers” take to twitter to cheer Planned Parenthood shooter.  Republican candidates initially silent on shooting; then reiterate anti-choice rhetoric. Clinic intends to reopen soon.

Spike lee thinks women should look to the Lysistrata method for dealing with assault on campus. Talking to offenders for a living.  Buy and send books to incarcerated youth on Amazon.

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Sexting scandal highlights need for youth education. Lesbian bars are dying across America; learn their history. 15 famous men on whether or not they are feminists. IUDs: can a contraceptive be too good? Philly area LGBT cops form local action league. Awesome birth control e-cards. What gynecologists are tired of hearing.

Hat tip to Christina!

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