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Free Bleeding, Straight Women Do Exist, & #SolidaritywithStoya

Dutch campaigners fly abortion pills to Poland. How penis length affects performance. The TSA’s tradition of discriminating against trans people. 40 nations where being gay is still a crime. Anti-choice groups now going after IUDs. Male and female brains look pretty much the same. Women free bleed to protest tampon tax. Debunking the study that says straight women don’t exist.

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Porn stars and Zak Smith in #solidaritywithStoya after rape accusations against James Deen. Why the Frisky will no longer run James Deen’s column.

The A to Z of being HIV positive in 2015. Listen to the Reagan administration laugh at the AIDS epidemicHIV positive people will finally be able to buy life insurance.

Where’s the diversity in film criticism? Why we need gay sex education in schools. Does the 2016 Pirelli calendar signify a cultural shift? A plus size superhero drawn from real life. 16 plus size models Victoria’s Secret should hire. Sprained ankle fetishists. RIP: American Gay Bar.

Hat tip to Felipe, Melanie, Micah, Darryl, Grace, Ben, Nate!

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