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Kegel Exerciser for Men, Clitmas Gift Deals & More!

When porn complicates the lives of straight white Christian hipsters. A kegel exercise device for men. Common complaints in couples therapy. The Cliteracy art project. Jewelry ad campaign that super objectifies women. How do men really feel about their bodies? How the Planned Parenthood hoax video avoids the truth.

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A day on the set of Transparent. Indian women flout menstrual taboos. Get a clit ring for 15% off with the promo code CLITSMAS. Bill Cosby files countersuit.  Lady Gaga speaks out about her rape. Best and worst LGBT characters of 2015. An intro to LGBT and MOGAI vocab. The dangers of getting involved with attached people. Is Fallout 4 actually progressive on polyamory or nah?

Hat tip to Patrick, Griff, Micah!

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