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Yeehaw! Check out the RodeoH!

Hey kittens, it’s Throwback Thursday and time for a vintage episode. This originally went up in December of 2011.

There isn’t a ton in the written record about the ingenious minds who thought to attach dongs to things in order to make it easier to bang people with them. There are only glimpses in the past: double-ended dildos in Zanzibar, Kama Sutra references to darshildos worn with harnesses and 19th century Chinese inventions that used a shoe as the anchor for a dildo.

Strap-ons can be used by lots of different people for many different reasons. One of the most common purchasers would be women who have sex with women. Along with the rise in pegging‘s popularity, men increasingly have a chance to enjoy them. Then there are the times where you just need to be penetrated by more than one penis-shaped item at a time.  Or you want to experiment with different sizes, shapes, textures, or want something that glows in the dark. 

Many of the options for wearing a dildo are bulky and awkward to get into.  Enter the genius that is RodeoH (pronounced Rode-OH!) and its creator, Joelle.

Joelle sat down to chat with us about the MacGuyver moment that lead to the creation of the sexiest new innovation in harness gear and how her invention functions not only as a sexy harness but can be worn all day long like any comfortable pair of underwear. This is a conversation not to be missed.

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One thought on “Yeehaw! Check out the RodeoH!

  1. I got to review one of these! It is awesome! I love it. You can’t use a dildo that is super heavy with it, otherwise I’m a big fan. Great post:)

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