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MRA Dilbert, One-Night Stands & Feminist Killjoy Gift Guide

Facebook isn’t changing it’s “real names” policy but maybe being less of a jerk about it. MRA Dilbert: the real words of Scott Adams on his cartoons creates genius satire. Why is sex work illegal? The danger of promoting the idea of false rape accusations. The first Black trans model was in the 1970s. Saudi millionaire acquitted of rape after claiming he “fell” into a woman. Body parts aren’t fashion accessories.  The feminist killjoy holiday gift-giving guide.

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Why do cis men kill transwomen? Signs you should have a one-night stand. What your first period says about you, according to science. New research into uterus transplants. The intersection of caretaking, subjugation and love. Is ADHD hurting my dating life? The state of gender equality in the US. The quest for the right birth control.

Hat tip to Emily, Erika, Damon!

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