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Female Leads, Rentboys, & Meet Your Second Wife

Box office hits with female leads outearn flicks with male leads. A straight man’s guide to being a gay rentboy. In defense of bad sex. How sex affects your work out. TX cuts Planned Parenthood’s HIV Prevention funding. “Non-monogamy showed me what it really is to be with somebody.” Hate “Love, Actually”? Read this. ABC’s 8 hour miniseries on the LGBT rights movement. The Force Awakens: does it pass the Bechdel? SNL’s “Meet Your Second Wife” is too real. Lawmaker proposes making it as hard to get Viagra as it is to get an abortion.

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Manservants: what every woman wants? Awkward moments when you have man-on-man sex. The 17th century painter who specialized in revenge fantasy. Trans women and voice training. Things women hear that men don’t. why you should buy the men’s version of everything. Woman given 20 years for giving birth to a stillborn fetus.

Celebrities who will say the word “vagina.” Scientists find “genderfluid” lioness. How to find ethical porn. Meet the all-women peacekeeping force of South Sudan. Are birth control pills and hamburgers making fish intersex? Getting head from a dude with a beard. Donald Trump continues to be super gross about women.

Hat tip to Micah, Grace, Erica, Je Suis, Darryl!

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