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Bechdel Fest, Orgasmatron, & Untreatable Gonorrhea

Nan Goldin’s Ballad is still evocative, 30 years later. Why did Emma Sulkowitz make a sex tape? Performers: apply to Philly’s first ever Bechdel Fest devoted to hilarious women. Real women show you how to give them an orgasm. Eddie Griffin: conspiratorial rape apologist, gets racism but not sexism. Introducing: the Orgasmatron. Your brain on porn. Myths about polyamory debunked. The lost girls: women and autism.

jan flyer 2The next DTF is Friday Jan 8th and features comedians Matt Schmid & Jacquie Baker. Take my workshop in Sexual Wellness on Jan 23rd. Get your advance tix to Honeygasm Sunday burlesque! Sign up now for Burlesque 201 at Kink Shoppe Jan 24th. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member!

Gonorrhea may become untreatable in UK. Best longreads of 2015, all written by women. Non-latex condom options. How emojis are helping our sexual communication. Carrie Fisher takes on body shamers. Why all women should throw Vagina Parties.  Lesbian stereotypes that are true. The bigger picture of polyamory, which may be good for you.. Healthy relationship habits most people think are toxic. Not shocking: Mummers are homophobic. Domestic violence is often triggered by jealousy. A day in the life of a sex worker. What are crisis pregnancy centers actually saying to women?

Hat tip to Grace, Melanie, Darryl, Griff, Micah, Tiffany, Melanie!

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