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Teaching Consent, Morning Sex, & Breaking Up Like an Adult

What’s wrong with that Lesbians Touch Penis For the First Time video? OKCupid allows for polyamorous relationships to be linked to profiles. Planned Parenthood endorses Hillary Clinton and explains why. What to do when you’re not the hero anymore. Teaching about consent on college campuses. Why morning sex is the best. Pro choice for Christ. The women in the men’s rights movement. Breaking up like an adult. What’s the biological explanation for oral sex?

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On the lack of data about menopause.  More Americans are calling themselves bisexual. NHL kiss cam gets more interesting. When did Pride celebrations become so corporate and straight? Male only marathon? The year of the female athlete. Bye, bye “bikini body” and other useless phrases. Virtual reality porn is here. Rapey roster: the NFL players accused of rape.

Hat tip to Lori, Alex, John, Micah, Laura!

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