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Man Flu, Teaching about Pleasure, & Whores of Yore

Homeland Security asks hotels to report guests with too many condoms. Why Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy’s relationship matters. Is Man flu a real thing? On Nerd Entitlement. Against the false narratives of anorexia. “the more I learn about breast milk, the more amazed I am.” What if we told kids sex was about pleasure? Reddit rapist thread results in research.

burlesque 201I’m on Porn Stash and Lady Bits this week at Philly Improv Theater. Take my workshop in Sexual Wellness on Jan 23rd. Sign up now for Burlesque 201 at Kink Shoppe Jan 24th. The next DTF is Feb 12 and features guest cohost Dr Simon Ruchti and comedians Sidney Gantt and Hillary Rea! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member!

Queering the relationship. Whores of yore: a history of sex work. How to win Tinder. Hannibal Buress thinks it’s weird he brought down Cosby. Cologne sex attacks are “good” for anti-refugee protesters. Same-sex marriage ban lifted in Vietnam. Vaginas don’t need a detox. Museum of Sex exhibit suffers from being too sexy.

Hat tip to Micah, Felipe, Jesse, Erica, Seb!

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