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The Fetishization of Virginity

Throwback Thursday, y’all. Time for a vintage piece that originally went up in September of 2012.

What is virginity?

Many people only know it by its loss, which is identified as a penis entering a vagina for the first time.

But what if you’ve had oral sex? Or an anal sex? You can get a sexually transmitted infection without “losing” your virginity.  So it’s not about health.

You can have an orgasm without endangering the wily virginity. So it’s not even about pleasure.

And why is female virginity given such a high premium over male virginity? Why are boys encouraged to explore the world while girls are  told to guard the castle, lest they lose their very value as a person?

It can’t just be about pregnancy, because we would encourage contraceptive use, if that were the case.

It’s not just about the hymen, since that can be ruptured from many non-sexual activities.

So what gives? Why the fetishistic focus on such an amorphous concept?

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