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Myth of Sex Addiction, Wonder Woman, & Marijuana for Menstrual Cramps

Sex addiction is a myth. Dating with intention: making your behavior match your goals. Things you might think are consent, but aren’t. Nobody catcalls the woman in the wheelchair. “We all need D” ad campaign is unintentionally hilarious. Man dies in fatal crash pantsless, watching porn while driving. Sex without shame.” My partner fantasizes about my friends and colleagues.” Chicago women in the comedy scene fighting harassment.

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Christian Evangelical sex ed for married couples. Wonder Woman’s sexuality is part of her powers. Couples who use contraception have more sex. The push to save trafficked boys. Australian Christians battle against marriage equality. Older women and younger men. Small town repeals sex offender ordinanaces. Weed pills to solve period pain. “Things that break my heart about my job as a sex worker.”

Hat tip to Sonalee, Matt, Darryl, Charles, Micah!

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