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Guest Post: Are You Open-Minded About Sex?

While I’m on holiday, enjoy this post from guest contributor Janelle Ariella!

janellAre you Open Minded & Comfortable with Sex?

This article will be about, nothing but fun and healthy Sex and Sexuality. It will be a judgment free zone; the goal is to show you that there is a word called ‘respect.’ I am NOT here to preach or change minds. This will be up to you to do so, to learn how to become more understanding; loving and open minded for yourself.

Different views and beliefs can be a beautiful thing! The world is very diverse there will be things you have never heard of, or have never seen, which does not make it wrong or right. What we should try to do is, keep an open mind and respect differences, the same way you would like to be respected. Consider what is acceptable in our culture may seem strange or offensive in another’s. Find out if you really want to become more comfortable and open-minded.

  • Ethnocentrism- the belief in superiority of ones personal ethnic group, but it can also develop from racial or religious differences. Ethnocentric individuals believe that they are better than other individuals for reasons based solely on their heritage.

Controversial topics will arise, my duty is to combat ethnocentrism and try to broaden your horizons with Sex and Sexuality. We were all raised differently, especially on the topic of Sex. We are all conditioned to our own cultural norms, this may make one cast false assumptions and dispersions on other cultures, and become ethnocentric.

The beauty of it is, your Sex is YOURS, and it can and will be different from others!

The goal is to make you realize the world is not just black and white. There are many shades of grey, and to make you comfortable with Sex and Sexuality. Many of us aren’t as comfortable and/or may think we are comfortable but really aren’t. Breaking the complacency that one may develop on the topic of sex is beneficial, not only will it help you your Sex life; it may also encourage  “escaping comfort zones” within everyday life as well.

I want you to be comfortable saying the word Sex, thinking about it, and doing it. I want it to be 1st nature for everyone because; we fail to see that it actually is. There are many quotes, statements, sayings that would be very inspirational, and would make you look at Sex in ways you have never before, I would really like you to explore Sex in your own way, for yourself, with my guidance. If you have to take baby steps, take baby steps; just know that I myself and others like me will be understanding towards every single person as long as respect is included.
Ask yourself:

1) How do I view Sex?

2) Why do I view Sex in the way I do, and/or what caused me to view Sex the way I do?
(culture, experiences, other peoples influences?)

3) Do I like the way I view Sex?

I really do hope you will be patient and stick around for more!



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