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Orgasm Stats, DTF in LA, & Abortion at SCOTUS

Can you fall for someone over text? Feminists should not be content with mere equality. New orgasm stats everyone should see. How common is it for parents to pick their baby’s sex? Things you may not have known about christianity and sex. Bi women debate who is better in bed. Justin Bieber: sex panther. Judgmental survey claims to know how many partners you “should” have. Andrei Kirilenkos and his wife on their once-a-year pass. People opposed to marriage equality are totally projecting.

DTF- March 11March features DTF in LA at the Nerdist Showcase featuring Sex Nerd Sandra and comedian Thomas Fowler and in Philly on March 11 with Kate Banford and Alex Grubard.  Intermediate Burlesque at Kink Shoppe has been rescheduled to March 6, the same day as Honeygasm Sunday, the SPLOOSHiest burlesque show in Philly. Sexual Wellness at Sexploratorium has been rescheduled to March 26th. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member!

70 years ago, 6 Philly women became the first computer programmers. How do illegal drugs affect fertility? Showdown on abortion at SCOTUS. First time: man taking Truvada gets HIV. Orthodox Jewish discussions on sex. Can this quiz guess your orientation? Why do we teach girls it’s cute to be scared?

Hat tip to Paul, Elise!

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