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Paternity Leave, Trump Menstrual Pads, & Sleep Orgasms

A tax guide for sex workers. The importance of talking to girls about pleasure. Wentworth Miller opens up about suicidal thoughts, weight gain. Pakistani women biking against harassment. The big business hustle of clean eating. You don’t have to love your body. Which fathers take paternity leave? How to react when your hookup is on PrEP. NY Gov Cuomo bans state travel to NC after anti-LGBT law passes. Waiting periods don’t dissuade women from abortions. Donald Trump menstrual pads. He thinks women should be punished for abortions, btw.

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Woman calls out Facebook’s double standard, they prove their awfulness. Has ghosting become the new breakup? How to pleasure yourself better. Questions no woman should have to answer ever again. Is genderqueer a stepping stone to transitioning? Chivalry isn’t dead, you just don’t know what it is. What are sleep orgasms? The born again porn star.

Hat tip to Jim, Kris, Tesla!

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