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Captain America’s Masculinity & Body Positive Illustrators

Don’t date anyone who isn’t ecstatic to be with you. How Captain America and other nerd role models subvert toxic masculinity. Ted Cruz’s ex roommate throws brilliant shade. Sex toy store transitions to bookstore and art gallery. “I tried to warn women about Jian Ghomeshi and it nearly destroyed my life.” 25 fun tweets about masturbation. Teens are bad at sex because they lack education. Monica Lewinsky opens up about the public shaming she experienced. Body positivity in warm weather.

SEX 3.0 performSubmit presentation and performance proposals SEXx 3.0 to be held May 11th. I’ll be speaking at the People at Work Summit 04/20 and giving a talkback at the Philadelphia Theater Company 04/21. AGITATED returns April 27th at Franky Bradleys. Honeygasm Sunday May 1st features Scarlett Storm, Kat Petronaci and Aida Bummcake. DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour: May 13 features Rudy Flesher and Flirt Vonnegut. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member!

How a phone bank in the Phillipines empowered many to come out as trans.  The history of abortion is the history of punishing women. What you need to know about the wave of anti-LGBT bills. The woman who turned unsolicited dick pics into an art exhibit. Things people wish they’d known before their first anal experience. Body positive illustrators to know. Kotex wants to sell you crotch sweat insecurity. Bangladeshi surfer girls go against the cultural tide.

Hat tip to Michael, Bill, Jesse, Darryl, Barrett, Adam!

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