Film Premiere: The Little House That Could

On May 5th, I have the honor of hosting the Philadelphia premiere of The Little House That Could as part of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. You should totes join.

little house that couldEmmy Award-winning stylist, Patricia Field, has done a lot more than Sex and the City. She has spent several decades saving lives and giving hope to lost outsiders who society frowned upon–transsexuals, club kids, drag queens, gay teenagers, butch-dykes, people who needed to escape from their hometowns because they were never understood. This is the story of a close-knit unconventional family in New York City–the House of Field–who have single-handedly changed music and fashion for the world several times over. Their story is one of courage, hope and dreams. In making this movie, Toronto filmmaker Mars Roberge becomes part of that family, returning to his homeland over a decade later with an uplifting story to tell of the little house that could. Made solely with the help of his friend, Bob Lesser *the one-man crew* and a couple friends here and there from 2006-2012.

Marking it’s 14th film festival and 24nd screening, The Little House That Could, has it’s Pennsylvania Premiere at Philadelphia Independent Film Festival on Thursday, May 5th at 7 pm sharp. It will be held at the Gershwin YMCA which is actually an Art Gallery and Theatre (called Elaine Levitt Theater) now on University of Arts Campus.

** Patricia Field’s closing boutique officially closed on Sunday, February 28th after being open for 50 years. This screening will once again show the world that the House of Field lives on forever!

Mars will be there to present the film with a Q&A discussion.

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