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Poly Myths, Ring Boys, & The Notebook is Awful

Why The Notebook is an awful love story. 109 year old woman prefers candy to men. Boxing champ wants “ring boys” for her next bout. Reebok only sold Ripley’s Alien fighting boots in mens’ sizes. Corruption in Afghanistan all but cripples women’s sports. How weight stigma hurts our kids. More teen girls seeking genital cosmetic surgery. Sexism by design in elite cycling. 8 myths about polyamorous people. It isn’t rape if the victim is passed out, Oklahoma court rules.

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8 fictional relationships that avoid dumb tropes. Toxic relationship habits people think are normal. Becky with the good hair: why we’re so quick to blame the ‘other woman.’ Dennis Hastert sentenced for abuse and coverup. Making a friends with benefits situation work. Get STI testing from Planned Parenthood through the mail.

Hat tip to Erica, Sandy!

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