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Slutty at Amputee Camp & ScarJo’s Divorce

The age at which celebs had their sexual debut. Pitcher Carlos Martinez sued for giving woman STIs. Things we’ve learned about kinky and nonmonogamous sex. Football player arrested after dick flash in yearbook. Random thoughts on porn. The Jehovah’s Witnesses made a super homophobic cartoon. Getting slutty at amputee camp. The latest on LGBT representation on TV. What’s up with the “no fats, no femmes” shirt? ScarJo reveals reason for divorce from Ryan Reynolds, gives legit advice.

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Why do girls drop out of sports at puberty? Man Up: Deandre Levy stands up against toxic masculinity and abuse. The maddening plight of being a voracious woman. What amazing sex feels like for a man. Woman harassed and forced to leave bathroom by cops who read her as male. Kinky toys every Star Wars fan should own. You Me Her and polyamory. Teaching beyond the gender binary in the classroom. What the Meternity controversy is really about.

Hat tip to Josh, Micah, KS, Jesse, Allie!

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