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Best & Worst Orgies, Female War Heroes & Disabled People Have Sex

Meet the woman fighting to normalize toplessness. DOJ goes after North Carolina for anti-trans bathroom bill. Young swingers on their best and worst orgies. Margot Robbie wants roles that don’t focus on her relationship to a male protagonist.  The Phillipines just elected their first out trans person to Congress. HuffPost interview Stephanie Berman, a previous SWT guest about her sex toy impregnators. LGBT activists working for differently abled inclusivity. Fatness, desirability and socialization.

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Scottish mom defends son and his “girly toy.” Pleasure, porn, power, sex and disability. The film that makes us face the fact disabled people fuck. Why do old statues have small penises? Dating site that matches Americans and Canadians in case they need to flee Trump victory. Arkansas non-profit open first shelter for male victims of domestic violence. Congress approves Arlington burials for female war heroes. Worst ways to think about sex. White House poised to create first national gay rights monument.  72 year old woman gives birth through IVF.

Hat tip to Bill, Grace, Cassy, Josh, Alex, Jesse, Micah!

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