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PornHub Workout, Gay Texans, & Weed Lube

Ottawa gym tells woman her breasts are too large to wear tanktop. A helpful guide to stop comparing yourself to others. 7 things wrong with the body positivity movement. The rule breaker woman who ran the first international marathon in Iran. Fitspo that’s not body shaming? PornHub’s sex-based workout. An interview with the directors of Weiner. Grammatical error by Republicans implies most Texans are gay. Texts you might get from your vagina.

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Hey, were you looking for monster dildos? Does weed smoking lead to vaginal dryness? Get your pussy stoned on weed lube. Abuse survivor granted physician-assisted suicide in Netherlands. Why call someone “daddy” during sex? Do monks have sex? Hugh Hefner named in lawsuit against Cosby. Dick lipsticks are freaking people out.

Hat tip to Mikey, Casey, Grace, Alex, Gabby!

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