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Being a Dwarf Stripper, Internet Trolls, & Cosby

Are misgendered band names ironic or sexist? What it’s like to be a dwarf stripper. How to use gender neutral pronouns. HS students turn to Scarlet Letter to protest school’s repressive dress code policy. Things that have helped people love their vaginas. Senate passes Sexual Assault Survivors Rights bill. Christian pastors arrested for child sex trafficking. Who is inappropriate to date? Cosby goes on trial.

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Why do trolls go after women? Republican breaks ranks, tells GOP to stop going after Planned Parenthood. The devastating results of not taking sexual health seriously in a crisis. Heterosexist music makes men more homophobic in real life. My experience in a sensory deprivation tank. New campaign asks if men are manly enough to vote for a woman. Colbert shows Trump the cost of converting bathrooms to gender neutral. Live storytelling to empower women around the world.

Hat tip to Alex, Grace, Zhana!

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