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Talking Vaginismus, Woke Feminist Men, & Marrying the Wrong Person

Unconscious racism in a marriage. Talking to a partner about vaginismus. Congresswoman claps back at anti-trans bigot. Woke feminist men. Amber Heard seeks restraining order from Jonny Depp. Sugar babies seek help paying tuition, rent. What is a toxic relationship? Tips from polyamory that can save monogamous relationships. Why you will marry the wrong person.

conversation.jpgThe real problem with being unmarried and child free in your 30s. The single moms nobody talks about. The parts of myself I lost in parenting. Anti-choice groups using smartphone surveillance to target “abortion-minded” women. Choosing the best birth control for you. How Planned Parenthood is preparing for the election.

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10 states sue for their right to discriminate against trans people. Why threatening violence against a rapist isn’t helpful. Curvy model, unretouched photos, happiness.

Hat tip to Gabby, Tiffany!

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