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Hacking Tinder, Sexism in Heavy Metal, & Yoga Joes

Fascinating facts about sexual fantasy. Teaching men to be emotionally honest. Obama cuts funding for abstinence-only sex ed. How I hacked Tinder and became the most hated woman in Toronto. Casual sex doesn’t exist. Facts about violence against abortion providers. Racism and sexism in heavy metal. Pop feminism doesn’t mean the end of the movement. Loneliness is bad for your health. Why so few gays and lesbians in mainstream poly?

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Idaho father sentenced to jail for forcing teen daughter to marry her rapist. Passenger forced to put on longer shorts because Jet Blue has nothing better to do, apparently. Yoga Joes. Talking about male rape. NYC releases list of recognized genders. The era of DIY abortion is returning. Sims game allows for gender bending. “How to be a guy.” How to be a “sexy mom.” Pakistani woman killed for rejecting marriage proposal. Study finds the average cable news talking head on abortion is male, anti-choice and a liar.

Hat tip to Alex, Micah, Josh!

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