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Loving Day, Non-Binary Recognized, & Pride

Taking Pride back from the straight gays. The Orlando massacre takes place during Pride month.Learn about the victims of the Orlando shooting. All bodies deserve love and respect. A menstrual pad ad that shows actual blood. Mental health hacks everyone should know. Reasons to stop trying to lose weight. Rabbi bans bike riding for women because it’s too provocative. Where women are praised for tiny baby bumps. June 12 was Loving Day: in recognition for decision that legalized interracial marriage. Have a crush? Here’s what to do.

sexual beingGet ready for the Sexual Being weekend intensive I’m doing with yogi Brittany Policastro. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

xHamster bans rape porn in light of Brock Turner case. Scientists avoid studying women because of periods. ‘Non-binary” is now a legal gender option in Oregon. Relationships vs hookups and happiness.  How to increase playtime in your relationship. Dutch woman raped in Qatar, sentenced to sex outside marriage by backwards ass country’s legal system.

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