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Being Catfished, Queer Trailblazers, & Lady Children

Getting over being catfished. Beauty pageant winner loses crown after having sex on reality show. How often do people get it on? Why sex offender registries don’t work. Dude busted to fucking the actual road. Where are we with high tech toys? First time after transition. Poly and pregnant. Check out Kink Shoppe in Old City

bored.jpgBurlesque 101 with HoneyTree EvilEye is June 26th. Agitated! Philly’s all-politics show is June 29th! Honeygasm is July 3rd with Sway Bradbury, Sapphira Crystal and Tommy of the Bradleys Bucks! Get ready for the Sexual Being weekend intensive I’m doing with yogi Brittany Policastro. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

The science of what turns women on. “Dear husband, you are not the man of my dreams.” Queer and trans trailblazers. Things a Man Child does during sex. The rise of the Lady Child. Can mono and poly people be in a relationship? Tampons and pads are now free in NYC. White queers: it’s a betrayal to coopt the Orlando shooting. Dads today do more than their dads, but still not as much as moms. Myths about orgasms. Being awkward is no excuse for being creepy. Why sexual function should be a part of any therapy for disabled people.

Hat tip to Kyle, Alex, Bill!

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