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Playing Hard to Get,Erogenous Zones, & the Body Issue

How and why to play hard to get. Meta-analysis finds media doesn’t contribute to earlier sex for young people. I’m quoted in this article about under-discussed erogenous zones. What do you need to know about contraceptives? Teen girl comes out, parents throw her epic party. Hilarious comics about periods.

hear him curseDTF is July 8th and features Comedy Sportz’ Kristin Finger and Cipher Prime’s Dain Saint! I’m speaking at Creative Mornings on the 22nd. Get ready for the Sexual Being weekend intensive I’m doing with yogi Brittany Policastro. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Ways riding a bike is sexual. The ESPN Body Issue is dope, as per usual. First VR porn festival cancelled due to overcrowding. The new Iron Man is a Black woman. KS judge rules Medicaid can’t be cut for Planned Parenthood. The truth about drug use in porn. Cannabis tampons to treat cramps. Philadelphia archdiocese will not give communion to divorcees, sexually active gay people, cohabitators, etc.

Hat tip to Nikki, Ashley, Eric!

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