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Modern Witch Trials, Dani Mathers is Horrible, & Faking Orgasms

Men are sabotaging the online reviews of shows aimed at women. Trump’s running mate has a bad record on women’s issues. Investigations into sexual assault: modern witch trials? Frank Cho leaves Wonder Woman over controversies about objectification and censorship. Dani Mathers proves it’s possible to be beautiful and also a terrible human. Women are faking orgasms to get out of bad sex. What mass killers really have in common is misogyny.

spork.jpgI’m speaking at Creative Mornings on the 22nd. Get ready for the Sexual Being weekend intensive I’m doing with yogi Brittany Policastro. Be sure to catch Agitated! DNC Edition for live performance devoted to politics! Get your tix for the next Honeygasm  August 7th. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

The gender politics of the Kimye/TSwift feud. Missy Elliot’s empowering sexuality. CA schools will start teaching LGBT history in the 2nd grade. Why do we teach girls not to articulate their needs? A woman fell in love with a bookstore’s nerdy tweets and married the tweeter. Japanese Nipple Geezer finally caught.

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