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Birth Control, Women’s Sports, & O Faces

Colorado’s birth control experiment is an astounding success. Will eating pineapple make your vagina taste better? How some couples last and others do not. At least one nursing home is dealing with elderly sexuality. A handy guide for confused male commentators on how to cover female athletes. Etiquette tips for women who insist on aging. Body positivity includes being anti-racist. Why isn’t there much media coverage of women’s sports?

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Jennifer Aniston is tired of the media narrative about her. Loving will depict the struggled for legal recognition of interracial marriage. Watching people’s O face. Truckers help end sex trafficking. The connection between body image and sexuality. Is everyone having casual sex? Sin City’s missing sex ed. Having “the talk” with kids. Handjobs for adults.

Hat tip to Jesse, AJ, Felipe, Grace, Barrett, Alex!

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